If I Only Had a Brain: Opening FUT 16 Early Access Packs

Hey FUT fans, this is Jamie Kennedy here! It has been a trendy thing to say at pubs in the last few years: “Did you know insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?” It shows off one’s vocabulary while letting the person they’re talking to know that, in no uncertain terms, “If I can recite the definition of insanity, then surely I can’t be insane!”

Now, you English are famous for your love of irony, so let me just say that the first 4 or 5 people that mentioned (over drinks) to me what this “pseudo-bootleg” definition of insanity was, were ironically all guilty at some point in their lives of repeatedly doing something and thinking the outcome would differ.

Disclaimer: All thoughts expressed within this article are that of the original author (Jamie Kennedy) and not the owner of this website.

Fast forward to my personal brush with being “certifiable”…  After opening a multitude of packs in FUT 12-14, and experiencing a vicissitude of fortunes over that time, I had taken my hypothetical “FUT bi-polar meds” and abstained from ripping electronic packs in the Great Plague of Video Games we know as FIFA 15. The reason I abstained was due to a combination of things:

  • Pack odds on the high-tier talent had become non-existent.
  • Getting coins through packs was approx. twenty to fifty times more expensive than if I were to purchase them outright (illegally; or more apropos, “against the rules”) from third party companies.
  • I wanted, on a personal level, to look myself in the mirror and know I was not giving my money to this “Evil Empire” of a company, Electronic Arts.

Evil Empire? “Surely he’s exaggerating?” Nope. They were known as much for their games as their non-existent customer service and other “nerd atrocities” that they were named “The Worst Company in America” in 2013, 2014, and finished second to Time Warner in 2015 by The Economist, a respected financial watchdog website.

I had more than a dozen problems in that three year span with FIFA alone, that went unresolved despite my insistent due diligence of trying to hold them accountable.

So last week when EA Access, a $5 USD/month service, gave members a “free” 10 hour trial of FIFA ’16, I jumped at the opportunity. I called the UltimateTeamUK founder in the UK, and proposed we broadcast (through Twitch) a decent size pack opening to show UTUK readers the new and improved FUT ’16.

I mean, I obviously could say new and improved. It literally WAS new. And after the embarrassing debacle of FUT 15, anything would be improved. So we gathered hundreds of viewers – many of them old friends from the years of being part of the FUT community, to join us on Twitch while I ranted, raved, and ripped packs.

So how is FIFA, and thus FUT, 2016? Well, the game play is newer than new – it’s an overhaul. Controls are the same, graphics almost identical, but the game play – and the strategy one must employ to be successful on the pitch – are radically different. Only time will tell whether the masses favour the changes, but I for one am happy that the idiots that just use through ball after through ball to get behind the “D” are out of luck entirely this year.

So I’m sure there’s at least one thing readers are wanting to know: What did we pack in our 100+ Premium Gold Pack Opening? Well, I kid you not (and have a bevy of witnesses to back me) when I say I packed absolutely nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Obviously I got hundreds of players, and some of them had to be good you’re thinking!

Well, during a “no sound” trial run, hours before the actual opening, I did pull Daniel Sturridge, but even he is a modest 40k player. After that, it was like a non-acid flashback from 2014 when I was ruining my credit buying hundreds of packs a day: It was one nobody after another, after another, after another…

So, what does this say about who I am as a person? Because now that we all know what insanity is, was I exhibiting just that when I was opening FUT 16 packs, thinking my luck would be different? Yeah, kinda. I was thinking we’d see at least 2-3 informs! (We saw none).

And from what I know about EA SPORTS, being a journalist in this field, and being a second year editor of the site you read this article on now, I knew deep down, in my heart of hearts, that “packs,” and everything that is bad about them, would still deliver the same amount of value they always have. Virtually nothing.

So am I insane? Clinically, no. (I think) Kidding, kidding. But am I showing clear signs of acting literally INSANE when I opened FUT 16 packs hoping for a windfall of superstars. Yeah, I really feel I am. So why do I tell everyone out there in cybersphere my story?

So that you can avoid my pitfall by staying (as much as you can) away from packs this year. Because if you’re expecting anything different from your past pack openings, then unfortunately, sanity is eluding you too.

Have a GREAT FUT ’16 campaign everyone; it IS a radically different experience on the pitch this year as far as gameplay is concerned, and the new “FUT Draft” mode is as fresh and needed as any Ultimate Team innovation to date. I’ll be back later this week with the first of many FUT 16 “Market Updates” where I examine everything and anything regarding the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer/auction market. Until then, goodbye from sunny Cape Cod Mass.

Jamie Kennedy.

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