FIFA 21 Web App FUT Companion Guide & Official EA SPORTS Link

With the FIFA 21 Web App release date finally here, we have created an exclusive FUT Companion App launch guide. The tips on this page will help you prepare for the upcoming Ultimate Team game mode and teach you how to make coins during this first phase.

FIFA 21 FUT Web App Guide

The FIFA Web App is an online tool that allows FUT users to manage their Ultimate Team. Users can buy and sell players and items on the FUT transfer market, complete SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) and even collect rewards.

By using the FUT Web App alone, you can build a decent starter squad ready for the initial release date of FIFA 20. Unlike EA Play (formerly known as EA Access), the Web Application has no time limit and can be used throughout the entire season.

When does the FIFA 21 Web App come out?

The FIFA 21 Web App will go live on September 30, 2020. This is one day before the FIFA 21 EA Play release date. Both have officially been confirmed by EA SPORTS and we will keep you updated on the exact release time for each platform.

Official EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Web App link

Before accessing the EA SPORTS FIFA Web App, ALWAYS remember to check that it is a secure link. This is especially important whenever you are asked to enter login details. Make sure that there is a closed padlock symbol next to the URL (web address).

Unfortunately there are people out there who pose as the official EA SPORTS website. With this in mind, the official EA SPORTS FIFA FUT Web App link can be found below. If EA decide to change this link after transition, we will update it as soon as the FIFA 21 Web App goes live.

How to use the FIFA Web App during Early Access

In order to use the FIFA Web App during early access users will be required to setup login verification. To do this you will need to go onto your EA account and press the ‘turn on’ button under ‘login verification’. Follow the simple steps and confirm the email or sms text message.

Providing that you are a returning user, your account is in good standing and you created your FUT 20 club before August 1, 2020, you shouldn’t have any problems. Failing to meet the above criteria may unfortunately mean that you are not eligible for FUT Webstart.

How to make the most out of EA Play hours

Unless you have an EA Play Pro membership (only available on PC/Origin), console users will be limited to 10 hours of EA Access time before FIFA 21 is officially released on October 6, 2020. With this in mind, it is vital to use your time wisely.

Some gamers prefer to spread their time evenly and divide it by the amount of days they have until the full game is released. If early access on EA Play becomes available on October 1, 2020, this would give users two hours each day, providing they have purchased a special edition.

FIFA 21 EA Play Details

Throughout this initial week of early access via EA Play, users should focus on being as efficient with their time as possible. The absolute worst thing you can do during this period is to leave the game running while you are away from your console.

If you are away from your PS4 or Xbox One for more than five minutes, we highly recommend exiting the game and even turning your console off to be safe. If you are serious about Ultimate Team, these hours should only be used to earn coins by playing FUT matches.

Any squad management, trading on the FUT transfer market and completing SBCs should all be done on the FIFA 21 Web App (assuming you have access). By following these basic principles, you should have enough coins for a respectable starter squad come full release.

The first FIFA 21 TOTW 1 FUT squad will be available as soon as this year’s WebApp is released.

How to make FUT coins on the FIFA 21 Web App

First of all, if you manage to get onto the new FUT Web Application right after it goes live, we strongly recommend keeping that tab or window open. In past years users have struggled to gain access due to an enormous flood of traffic on the first day.

Our top 7 best ways to make FUT coins on the FIFA 21 Web App during early access are as follows:

  1. Open all returning user packs and list items on one hour cycles – repeat if they do not sell. You will need to use some intelligence here and scout the FUT transfer market to determine values.
  2. Make sure that you collect and open all FUT Web App daily gifts. Some of these can offer thousands of FIFA Ultimate Team coins.
  3. Get a feel for the current market price of certain players and look to snipe BIN (buy it now) auctions. Resell and repeat this process.
  4. Keep hold of and look to purchase rare (and sometimes non-rare) silver players from top leagues with good stats. Certain cards can skyrocket in value after more users have access to the game.
  5. Invest your coins in players, not packs. Buying packs is the best way to throw away your chance to trade and grow your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.
  6. Buying 400 coin bronze packs and then individually listing all the items has worked in the past, but we wouldn’t rely on it. Test it if you have spare coins, but focus more on finding good deals on the FUT transfer market.
  7. Know when to sell – If an item increases in value, sometimes it’s best to take that profit and move onto a new investment.


When will the FIFA 20 Web App go offline?

Each year EA SPORTS take down the previous FIFA Ultimate Team Web App in order to prepare for the new one. This transition period usually takes five days, so we expect the FIFA Web App to go offline around September 25, 2020.

Is the FIFA Web App accessible on a mobile device?

Yes, but it is different. The ‘FUT Companion App’ is available on mobile devices and it is a stripped down version of the Web Application.

When will the FIFA 21 Companion App be released?

The FIFA Companion App will be released after the Web Application, we anticipate this to be around October 2, 2020.

Which platforms are available with the FUT Web App?

PlayStation (PS4 & PS5), Xbox (One & Series X) and PC. Unfortunately the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have any type of companion application.

Why is the FIFA Web App page not loading or working?

If you are reading this right after the new FUT Web App has launched, then it is likely an EA servers problem due to an influx of traffic. The only thing you can try is clearing your cache or using a different browser and occasionally refresh the page.

Is the FIFA 21 Web App free to use?

Yes! The FIFA 21 Web App costs absolutely nothing to use. But keep in mind, after a few weeks or so you will need to load up FUT 21 on your console or PC to continue using it.

Can I play Ultimate Team matches on the Web Application?

Unfortunately not. You can manage your FUT squad, make use of trading on the transfer market, fill out and submit SBCs, and finally collect rewards. These include FUT Champions rewards from each Weekend League, Division Rivals and Squad Battles.

If you have any other questions regarding the FIFA 21 Web App, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we will swiftly get back to you.

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