FIFA 21 Career Mode Trailer – New Features & Pitch Notes

A brand new trailer and breaking news regarding FIFA 21 Career Mode has just been revealed by EA SPORTS. The long-running and ever-popular game mode looks to be the best yet in this year’s upcoming title release.

Managers will now have more control over their chosen team than ever before. With interactive match simulation, new player development, schedule planning, more intelligent opponents and new transfer options, FIFA Career Mode fans are finally being heard.

New Features Coming to FIFA 21 Career Mode

Check out the official FIFA 21 Career Mode trailer below:

Much like FIFA 21 Pro Clubs, fans of this beloved game mode have been begging EA for years to add new features and make it more interactive and fun. To the joy of many, it finally appears as though they have finally listened.

Let’s take a deep dive into the brand new FIFA 21 Career Mode features below:

Interactive Match Simulation

A brand new sim screen is being introduced in this year’s title release. This gives managers a bird’s-eye view of each match and allows them to see key stats in live-time.

Match sim plays out at twice the speed of a regular game. It also automatically skips any moments where the ball is out of play, helping you to stay focused and locked into the action.

Make tactical changes and manage your team as each match develops and unfolds. This year also features improved player fitness and ratings visuals, helping you to see which players might need to be changed.

Interactive match simulation gives managers the opportunity to jump into the game during key moments. For example, you could decide to take a free kick or penalty, then jump right back out.

Player Development & Position Conversion

For the first time in FIFA Career Mode history, managers will now be able to develop their players into new roles and positions. Change left lacks into left wingers, midfielders into false nines, and more!

With a completely overhauled growth system you will no longer need to rely so heavily on transfers. If you require a particular type of player to fill a position in your squad, you can simply develop them over time.

Player growth is earned by accumulating XP. The better a player performs, the more XP they earn. This is then distributed to particular attributes depending on your player’s growth plan.

The rate at which a player improves is dependent on their age, ability, potential, form and time on the pitch. This inevitably increases the complexity of management within FIFA 21 Career Mode, but it makes it far more realistic.

New Active Training System

In order to get the most out of your players on each match day, they need to be sharp. Active training increases sharpness and can be used by up to 15 players on each training day.

Training drills consume varying levels of fitness, but the more effort a player puts into a drill, the sharper they will be. Achieving higher grades in each drill will also increase a player’s sharpness.

There are a number of diverse training drills that target specific areas of improvement for each player. The overall focus of these drills is either on defending, passing, dribbling, shooting or set pieces.

As the manager, you will have control over which players train and which players rest. The point of this is to prepare a particular group of players for an upcoming match, so plan in advance.

Match/Player Sharpness

Sharpness is a completely new addition to FIFA 21 Career Mode. It is essentially an indicator of how ready a player is to compete in a match. Higher player sharpness will boost relevant stats and attributes.

Match sharpness ranges from 0-100. If a player has a 50 sharpness (their default baseline) they will not gain or lose any stats for that match. If it is above they will gain a boost, if it is below they will incur a reduction.

The range between a player having empty or full sharpness can be the difference of 10 whole stat markers. This is extremely significant, as a great squad with low sharpness can easily be beaten by an average one with full sharpness.

In order to get the most out of your squad, focus on training and keep your players sharp. If training is neglected or overlooked, your players will play and feel sluggish during matches.

Team Schedule Planning

Team schedule planning allows managers to decide what their players do each and every day of the season. Keeping player fitness, morale and sharpness all in balance is vital to achieving long-term success.

As a manager, there are three different types of day that you can select on your calendar. Each date can either be allocated to a training day, recovery day, or a rest day.

If this is all too much detail and too time-consuming, you can simulate to any chosen date and leave each day as default. There are also two different calendar views – weekly and monthly.

By taking advantage of this new daily planning system, managers can get their players fresh, sharp and prepared for every fixture that comes their way. Planning your season has never been easier.

New Transfer Options

Transfers play an integral part in any FIFA Career Mode, and this year’s game mode is more realistic than ever before. Three main improvements have been made to reflect how transfers work in real-world football.

The first of these is ‘Loan to Buy’. Buying a player outright can be a very risky decision, ‘Loan to Buy’ removes this risk, as it offers managers to option to buy a player only if they live up to your expectations.

‘AI Player Swap Proposals’ is another way in which transfers have been improved in FIFA 21 Career Mode. The AI will now create swap offers with their own players. They can also counteract transfer offers by proposing player swaps instead.

‘AI Contract Renewals’ are far more intelligent in this years version of the game. It will be less likely to see top players as free agents, unless of course they decide to reject a contract offer for a particular reason.

Other Improvements

This year’s game mode will have a completely new look and feel, thanks to an overhauled UI (user interface). Each major competition and league will have a unique branding, creating a more immersive experience.

From new press conferences, to youth academies, to significant improvements on broadcasting, FIFA 21 Career Mode is set to be the most authentic version to date!

Which new features are you most impressed with? Are there any other changes or improvements that you were hoping to see in this year’s title release? You can let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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