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We’ve teamed up with FIFA Streamer, RunTheFUTMarket (Nick) to bring you ground-breaking market analysis and coin making tips. These tips are far from the usual “buy low / sell high”. Enjoy this exclusive FIFA 17 TOTS market crash update!

FIFA 17 TOTS Market Crash Update

Community TOTS Starts This Week!

Finally, we received news that TOTS will be starting on Friday, May 12th. The TOTS Most Consistent team will be released this Friday, and that means that packs will start to be opened. When people open packs, the market tends to take a hit. Expect a very strong TOTW this week, as EA will look to attract FIFA players into buying more packs.

Sometimes the TOTS Most Consistent team won’t put players over the edge of buying packs, so with a strong TOTW, EA should be able to push some of those users over the edge. The market is already falling, and this means that there are many coins to be made. In previous years, the BPL TOTS is released the week after the TOTS MC release.

Look for many people’s saved SBC packs and FIFA points to be opened during BPL TOTS. Looking for a good time to buy your team back? The BPL TOTS will most likely drop prices on all consoles to prices that you didn’t think were possible. It’s an exciting next few weeks on FUT for sure!

How Can I Prepare for TOTS?

Preparing for the FIFA 17 TOTS market crash is essential! Start to liquidate your club if you haven’t already. In the next few weeks, you are going to see your card values plummet more and more. TOTS can drain players prices. You don’t want to be stuck on the wrong end of this one. Losing coins can really hurt.

The best TOTS investments at the moment are Informs that are closest to discard value. If you can grab IF’s that are 83-85 rated for under 15k in popular leagues like the EPL, Ligue 1, La Liga, Calcio A, and Bundesliga, then you have made yourself a golden investment.

Why you shouldn’t do the TOTW 84+ Untradeable SBC

Last Friday, EA released an SBC in which you can submit an 84 rated squad with a minimum of 30 chemistry. Right now, it costs around 50k to do on both consoles. But, essentially you are throwing away your coins right before TOTS.

The chances of you getting an amazing player is not amazing, and you should try to keep as many coins on you as you can before heading into TOTS. EA is trying to take coins off of the market to make FUT players buy packs with FIFA points. The less coins that users have, the more money EA will generate based on pack sales.

A 24th TOTS player?

Here’s the new information EA have released on a Daily Knockout Tournament, where you can earn a special TOTS card in select leagues. EA will also release a similar event to FUT Birthday, where there will Daily SBC’s that you can complete for a pack reward. If you do all 6 TOTS Bonus SBC’s, you will receive an Ultimate Pack with a guaranteed TOTS player (untradeable).

New League SBC’s on the way?

It’s the beginning of a new month, and this is around the time where we see EA implement one or two new league SBC’s. Who are my picks? I’m thinking we see the Hyundai A-League (AUS 1), Primera Division (ARG 1), or the Danish Superleague (DEN 1). How can you make coins off this?

Hop on the market and slap bids for 150 coins on all silver players in these leagues. Then, store them in your club, and when and if these leagues come out, you will be able to use them in the team SBC’s for a pack reward, or sell them on the market for a very decent profit, it’s up to you!

Silvers needed for Weekend League in Two Weeks!

In two weekends from now, the weekend league requirements limit you to having 8 gold players in your starting 11 and subs. You know what this means, overpowered silver players will be huge money makers. Silver players are already starting to rise in price, as many have discovered this.

You will need 3 silvers in your starting 11 and a whole silver bench to participate in this Weekend League. Want to make easy coins, find overpowered players in good leagues and from good nations that you think FUT users will try out in this WL? Expect to see certain silver IF’s at players at record prices. This is truly an amazing investment opportunity.

Be smart with your investing though. You do not want to buy players that are already up 30,000 coins since the announcement of this announcement. Try to find players that have risen much since the announcement. You can determine this by using graphs, and seeing what a specific player’s selling price was before the announcement and what it currently is now.

Legends Market Crash (Xbox Only)

Legends are finally having that crash you have all wanted! Many high tier legends are seeing their prices drop by 10-25% in price. This is the first time we have seen Legend Beckenbauer under 600k, Blanc under 500k, and Desailly go under 400k.

Is this a good time to invest? It may just be. Legends are being panic sold like crazy in anticipation of a FIFA 17 TOTS Market Crash. Expect some of these popular legends to rebound in price for this upcoming Weekend League.

April POTM Release 

Yes, within the midst of all of this, we still have a POTM release coming out this Friday. The race is super tight, and the frontrunners seem to be Heung-Min Son and Christian Benteke. If you have investments for either of these players, and they have risen significantly, I would suggest selling in the hype on Thursday night.

This way you don’t risk the major loss of your coins. In the past POTM’s, it has been pretty certain who is going to win, but with Benteke and Son both on 5 goals 1 assist, Eric Bailly with 5 shutouts, it is almost impossible to tell the definitive winner for POTM this month. Sell in the hype!

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