FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh Market Analysis + FUT Coin Making Tips

Welcome to our exclusive FUT newsletter! We’ve teamed up with FIFA streamer and YouTuber, ELYYT to bring you ground-breaking market analysis and Ultimate Team coin making tips. Enjoy this week’s wrap up of the FUT 17 Transfer Market, there’s plenty of coins to be had! It has also been confirmed that the FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh event will be active from February 17-27, which we will discuss in this update.

Pre FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh Market Update

Big news just in – the FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh will be live from February 17-27! As confirmed by EA SPORTS FIFA, hundreds of players are getting their ratings permanently updated in FUT. It appears as though this will include both Winter Upgrades and Winter Downgrades.

FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh Market Analysis

When EA release the FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh in FUT, it will cause a small panic on the market. With downgrades, they probably won’t downgrade the cards that have already been released, but they will discontinue those cards in packs, and release a new, lower rated version.

This opens the door to investing in the original cards that have been downgraded. As they become more rare, they will rise in value. For the FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh that increase the prices of these cards, you will want to avoid them at first while they drop in price for a few weeks.

The market advice below still stands, but prepare for a short panic if these upgrades are released, along with an influx of packs to be opened to try and pack these new upgraded cards.

Weekly FUT Round Up

This week has included one of the largest market crashes that we have seen so far in FIFA 17, and it spawned from something many people (including me) would not expect to cause a crash: FUT Weekend League requirements. Obviously there have been more factors to it than just that, but let’s discuss why the market is so low, and what you can do to profit.

FUT Champions Weekend League Requirements

This week, we have seen the Weekend League requirements of 16 EPL players in your starting XI and substitutes. This only allows 2 slots for Legends or any other card. Next week, the requirements are to have all 18 players in your starting XI as Bundesliga or La Liga Santander players, allowing NO slots for Legends or other players.

This is the main cause of the market crashing. With the knowledge of these Weekend League requirements, the demand for any card not involved with these requirements is nearly gone. Along with that, the supply for these cards is at an all time high due to people panic-selling the cards to buy a team that follows the requirements.

Quick Note: The absence of the FIFA coin farming glitch is another reason why elite players have been dropping as well.

When to Buy Non EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga FUT Cards

Although there are WL qualifier requirements that include Calcio A and Ligue 1, these will be extremely insignificant. No one will be paying for an inform Dybala to qualify for the Weekend League. If anything, his price will continue to drop during that time. Thus, the time to buy the Non EPL/La Liga/Bundes cards would probably be this weekend around Sunday – this includes Legends.

The demand for these cards will probably begin to rise next week. This is because all EPL Investors will have sold their cards, and will be buying them in preparation for them to recover for the Weekend League of March 3rd.

When to Buy EPL FUT Cards

This may come as obvious to any experienced investor, but buying EPL cards will be in its prime on Sunday/Monday. With the EPL WL coming to an end, all of these Premier League cards will be flooding the market, causing a huge EPL crash, especially because they will not be used in next weeks Weekend League.

These cards should stay significantly low, even past Monday, so do not panic if you haven’t made your investments by then. Don’t wait too long, however, or the window will close.

When to buy La Liga / Bundesliga FUT Cards

The La Liga / Bundesliga Weekend League starts on Friday morning, February 24th. While most players are focused on buying EPL cards for their Weekend League team, or selling their EPL investments before it’s too late, La Liga and Bundesliga cards have been falling just as much as any other player on the market.

Elite cards such as Ronaldo have dropped 100,000’s of coins in the past week. This makes buying the Bundesliga and La Liga cards amazing from right now until around Saturday before they begin to rise once again.

Lewandowski and Reus are significantly down, Neuer and Boateng/Hummels will be in nearly every good team. Javi Martinez and Thiago could be used in a lot for Hybrids with the Spanish league. I would start to sell the Wednesday before the weekend and make sure all are sold by Friday. Brosinki is a good low budget investment too.

For La Liga, use the same selling times, and some key players will be Kroos (and his IF) for hybrids. Tremolinas LB will probably be used to link with Coman and Ribery a lot too.

Elite players from La Liga and Bundesliga will all rise during the hype.

FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges

FIFA 17 La Liga Santander League SBC

The La Liga SBC dropped last week, and it is very profitable if you attack it the right way. Firstly, the Sevilla SBC reward is a 45k pack, and only costs 9-10k to complete, so I would consider completing this SBC for more potential big profit. Secondly, check your club for any La Liga silver cards that may have been inflated due to this SBC. Many have risen to over 10,000 coins, especially from the lower tier teams in the league.

Valentine’s Day Bust

Although EA have once again ignored Valentine’s Day as a promotion in FIFA, our Di Maria investments were successful due to the hype built around him on this day, along with the goals he scored in the Champions League match vs Barcelona (which was a bit lucky for us investors.)

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, Hearts players have plummeted because of the lack of the Valentine’s Day SBC, so it is the best time to complete the Hearts SBC within the Scottish League SBC if you wish to do so.


The January POTM investments were extremely successful! We were able to flip our EPL informs for huge profit before the POTM SBC dropped, and now that the POTM does not require any informs, we can begin to make our investments for February POTM within the next week or two.

There is no rush, but if you have extra coins, this is guaranteed profit every single month. Personally, I made 260k simply off of buying 27 Llorente’s last month, so if any Premier League informs or TOTT drop to around discard price again, I’ll be filling up my transfer list.

FIFA 17 St. Patrick’s Day

Without a doubt, this FIFA promotion is always the most overhyped day of the year. In previous FIFAs, the drought between TOTY and St. Patrick’s Day is so significant, that the community over-hypes this day because we are eager for some promotions. While some years have been better than others, normally this day is a huge let down for investors.

However, if you make any investments for St. Patrick’s Day, follow the golden rule – sell into the hype. Do NOT wait until St. Patrick’s Day to sell! We will discuss which investments we can make as we get close to the holiday in future FUT market updates.

While this is a shorter FIFA market update than most weeks, it has covered just as many important aspects and trading opportunities. Your focus should be on making profit off of the Weekend League requirements for these next two weeks. The market has been spiralling into, what most would call, an ‘unexpected’ market crash.

However, if you play your cards right, we can all not only come out of the market crash without losing any coins, we can make a decent profit. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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