FIFA 17 FUT Birthday Market Crash Analysis & March POTM

Welcome to our exclusive FUT newsletter! We’ve teamed up with FIFA Streamer and YouTuber, ELYYT to bring you ground-breaking market analysis and coin making tips. These tips are far from the usual “buy low / sell high”. Enjoy this week’s wrap up of the FUT 17 Transfer Market, you’ll want to take note as we may see an 8th FUT Birthday Market Crash.

FIFA 17 FUT Birthday Market Crash

Weekly FUT Round Up

This week we will be seeing the release of the FUT Birthday, the March POTM, and more. This could be one of the most profitable weeks thus far in FIFA 17. Here’s how you need to prepare:

Buying and Selling during the FUT Birthday Market Crash

The market is going to take a small dip in prices this weekend, especially at the end of Weekend League. Whether we see a huge drop, a “crash,” depends on the hype around FUT Birthday and the promotions that are released. The smartest thing to do is to liquidate all cards before the FUT Birthday promotions on Friday because the only way the market could go is down.

Considering we have been sitting with a stable market with high prices for weeks now, there is no possibility of cards rising in price throughout the 8 days of FUT Birthday. Liquidate into Weekend League hype, then you can watch and determine how severe these falling prices will become throughout the week.

Prices will most likely be lowest around Sunday night and monday morning as long as this FUT Birthday promotion follows the same patterns as previous promotions. You will want to avoid investments in TOTW 28 until at least Sunday considering you do not want to be screwed over by late TOTW 28 SBCs.

Even without a TOTW 28 SBC, the influx of pack openings will cause there to be huge supply of these TOTW cards on the market, which means this could be a poor week to invest in TOTW cards. Focus moreso on cards used commonly in Weekend League.

Squad Building Challenges

In case you have been living under a rock, SBCs are one of the most effective ways to make profit in FIFA 17. This, of course, does not even require you to complete a single challenge. In this section, I will explain and predict possible SBCs in which you can make investments that will guarantee you profit.

TOTW Guaranteed SBCs

If you’ve already invested in these 83/84/85 rated cards along with discard informs, keep holding. If you haven’t invested in these cards yet, you could take the risk and invest now in hopes that there is a TOTW 28 Guarantee SBC.

EA have already announced that FUT Birthday will be 8 days long, which means it will stretch into TOTW 29, but considering how stacked TOTW 28 is, it would be safe to invest in discard informs and 83-85 rated cards in preparation for Friday.

Player of the Month: March

Player of the Month voting has already ended with Romelu Lukaku of Everton finishing with the most votes. Considering Lukaku had 4 goals and 2 assists in March, he is the front runner going into Friday’s release of POTM March. Another player you cannot completely rule out yet is Joshua King of Bournemouth who had 4 goals and 1 assist while winning all 3 games in March as well.

Investing directly into cards that have already been inflated due to other investors is a bad idea. Focus your investments on the off chances for a requirement in the POTM SBCs such as cheap EPL informs, and EPL St Patty’s Cards which are hovering around 9,000 coins currently.

Other investments such as 83-85 rated premier league players such as Slimani, Giroud, Cahill, Baines, etc, are all cards that could be used in TOTW Guaranteed SBCs for FUT Birthday and also for POTM, so you have two chances at profit.

European Tour SBC

The new European Tour SBC was released earlier this week, so the players needed to compete these SBCs have been inflated. Although, they have dropped some, the best time to do this SBC would be during the probable dip in prices and influx of pack openings coming during FUT Birthday. I have created a guide on the cheapest way to complete this SBC here:

Final Words: Your focus this week should be to liquidate your coins into the weekend league hype and prepare for a potential FUT Birthday market crash. Be sure to keep an eye on the market, and expect cards to be very cheap on Sunday night and Monday morning for investments.

Attempt to profit off of POTM and FUT Birthday SBCs throughout the week. This could be one of the most profitable weeks with all of the new releases, so be sure to play your cards right.

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