BREAKING: FUT Coin Farming Glitch Discovered in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team!

There’s a new FUT coin farming glitch in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team that’s being exploited and it has outraged a lot of people. Have you noticed that players in high demand have been suspiciously inflated as of late? Just take a look at the top 100 match earnings for this week on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and you’ll see exactly what we mean. In this article we’ll update everything we know about this new FIFA 17 Coin Farming Glitch.

FIFA 17 Coin Farming Glitch Being Exploited!

While the actual FUT coin glitch process remains unknown, it’s evidently being exploited by a small core of players. We’re assuming it’s a few people in the know, that are creating these accounts to exploit the glitch. The leaderboards are filled with fake accounts that are making an abnormal number of coins.

These accounts all look like automated gamertags (two words, followed by a number or random numbers). Microsoft give you a random gamertag if you do not create your own. PSN IDs contain a mixture of random letters and numbers which further suggests that they are fake. This also appeared to be exploited during FIFA 15 Ultimate Team too.

Ultimate Team Leaderboards Reveal FUT Coin Exploit

Firstly go to the leaderboards within FUT on PlayStation, Xbox or PC. You can do this by scrolling across to ‘My Club’ and then ‘Leaderboards’. Once you’ve done this, change the leaderboards to Category: Match Earnings, Compare: Top 100 and Time: Weekly.

PS4 Top 100 Weekly Leaderboards in FUT

You will notice that PS4 users all have the same EST. date (Jan 2017), similar records: 494-196-147 and trophies: 57. The top 100 players alone have made close to 100 million coins from matches within the last week!

Xbox One Top 100 Weekly Leaderboards in FUT

You will notice that Xbox One users appear to all have the same EST. date (Dec 2016), but their records and trophies differ. However, wait for it… they all have 0 wins! According to the leaderboards, players have earned over 670,000 FUT coins in the last week, without winning a single match. That means that the top 100 players have made in excess of 60,000,000 coins in the last week, with ZERO wins.

With all the above said, these players cannot hide. We’re hopeful that the appropriate members of the EA SPORTS team will fix this issue and ban all offending accounts very shortly.

Squad Building Challenges to Counteract the FUT Coin Farming Glitch

As FUT Economist has said;

If this coin glitch is true, EA are going to have to do all kinds of crazy SBCs to battle the inflation. Could be good for traders.

If you’re on the ball, you’ll be able to make a lot of FIFA 17 Coins based on the requirements. Players that feature in the requirements tend to rise in price very quickly.

It remains to be seen whether EA SPORTS FIFA are aware of this glitch and if anything is being done to remove these cheating accounts / players from FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Let us know your thoughts on this new FUT coin farming glitch in the comments section below.

What action do you think EA should take?

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