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UltimateTeamUK is an independent FIFA Ultimate Team news website and was created in September 2011.

It has been created to help give something back to the FIFA community and in essence help improve your FIFA Ultimate Teams. By following the hints and tips on this website you won’t fail in having the best FUT squad around!

We aim to provide our fans with the latest news regarding FIFA 21 and FUT community news!

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We are always striving to improve the site, so if you have any comments, suggestions and questions (good or bad) please contact one of our dedicated team.

Meet Our Team

David Cotton - Founder at UltimateTeamUK

David Cotton


David has been a passionate video gamer his entire life and has owned and played most gaming consoles since his early childhood.

He has over nine years experience writing about video games and is a well known FIFA Ultimate Team expert and ‘FUT Founder’.

As well as providing insight on all the latest FIFA Ultimate Team news, David has a history of creating extremely effective in-depth guides on how to make FUT coins.

He founded and created UltimateTeamUK in 2011 and has previously worked as the ‘Head of FIFA’ at the popular esports company, Dexerto.

You can contact David at – david@ultimateteam.co.uk

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